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  • THE SECRET TO HEALTHIER EATING – Since our large lunch tote bag fits ALL standard sized lunch boxes with extra space for your drinks, keeps your food, snacks at the right temperature while eliminating all odors, it makes sense to make our high-performance bag yours!
  • GREAT DESIGN, STORES FLAT – All Metric USA Lunch Tote bags come with a durable zipper closure to keep your food and drinks secure and has an inside stash pocket to hold your cutleries or other valuables. The origami design ensures that the bag can be folded flat for easy storage!
  • REUSABLE – There are times you need to take your food with you when heading to work, school, on road trips or plane rides. Instead of purchasing a brown bag that would be discarded after use, why not invest in our lunch bag which can be used again and again?
  • EASY TO CLEAN - The art of eating is commonly associated with drops, bumps, splashes and spills that require cleaning up afterward. Exterior of our lunch tote bag is made of an innovative metric 66 material and inside waterproof material which not only offers extra protection but prevents food/drink spillage coming to the surface and easily wipe off with a damp cloth !
  • STYLISH AND PORTABLE - Don't settle for less when you can get our well-made, stylish bag! The uniquely embossed design adds style to your lunch while the lightweight, compact size with a handle ensures that you can easily carry it with you to the office, school or park!

Are you searching for the best insulated lunch tote bag to keep your food fresh, hot or cold?
Well, you found them already - Our unisex lunch tote bags, which are a hit with women, men and kids!
Metric USA Lunch Tote Cooler Bag provides plenty of space to pack food, drinks, cutleries and also prevents your lunch box from tipping over.

Why you should trust Metric USA Insulated Lunch Box Cooler?

INSULATES - Keeps your food, drinks and snacks warm or cold for more than 4 hours.
DURABLE - Reusable, neatly worked stitching and a high quality zipper closure.
BONUS SUN RENEWABLE ODOR ELIMINATOR - Built in Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal Odor Eliminator acts as a natural air freshner and removes smell from the bag and your food. It is reusable up to 2 years, to rejuvenate just place the bags outside in the sun once a month for about an hour
ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Extra padding at the bottom keeps lunch boxes and water bottles upright, preventing the contents from tipping over.
STYLISH - You will keep getting compliments from friends and collagues.
PERFECT SIZE - Our large lunch tote bag can comfortably hold an ice pack in case you prefer your food, drinks cool.
WATER PROOF - Waterproof inside material prevents food/drink spillage to the surface.
BEST LUNCH TOTE BAG - Suitable for women, men, kids and anyone who needs to carry their lunch on the go!

Package Includes:

1 x Best Selling Lunch Tote Bag

Our customers are our number one priority, so we do not compromise on the quality of our best-rated lunch tote! Since we understand that mistakes happen all the time, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the insulated lunch bag, please contact us directly and we will replace it or issue a full refund.