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Whether you have laminate, tile, marble, linoleum flooring or hardwood floors in the home, you are likely well aware of how your furniture has a tendency to slip and slide around and damage your floors. This can of course be frustrating and your floors deserve to be protected along with your furniture. Well, these furniture floor protectors by Metric USA are the best solution for you!


Our premium furniture pads have been designed to protect your favorite pieces of furniture as well as your floors. That means no more scratches, scrapes and dings on those beautiful hardwood floors you invested so much money in!


Each set of furniture protectors includes a total of 8 pieces. Use the floor protectors for chairs, couches, entertainment centers, tables and so much more. Keep in mind that these are not just any old felt pads. Our high quality furniture pads are easy to customize to desired size with a pair of scissors and have non-slip grips that keep your furniture from sliding.

 Now you can protect your floors and furniture.