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Have a table or chair that wobbles? Scared your wobbly furniture might one day cause an accident? While it could be the level of the floor or the offset measurement of the table or chair legs that is causing the wobble, there's no reason to redo your flooring or invest in new furniture. This is because the #1 solution for wobbly chairs, stools, tables and desks are these wobble wedges by Metric USA!

Our furniture leveling feet have been specifically designed to bridge the gap between your furniture and the floor. Unlike other furniture levelers, ours are virtually indestructible. You can even drive a nail through these wobble wedges without worrying about them splintering or falling apart. Since they are strong and extremely durable, you can use these wobble wedges either indoors or outdoors.


Each set includes a total of 12 furniture levelers. For your convenience, you can stack these table wedges and cut them to meet your specific needs. Both sides of our table wedges feature a non-slip grip, which will prevent them from slipping or sliding once positioned into place.


Now's the time to say goodbye to that wobbly piece of furniture.

Order your own set of table leveling feet today!

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